The Local Government Act of 1894 entitled Hildenborough to elect a Chairman and Parish Council of 9 members. The first meeting of the Parish Council, with Charles Fitch Kemp in the chair, took place on 4th December, 1894 in the village school, Riding Lane, Members were T. Basset, R.A. Bosanquet, T. Collins, R. Cuncliffe, E. Francis, E. Hendry, C. Hitchcock, H. Hitchcock and G.W. Johnson (Parish Clerk). The number of members was increased to 11 in 1947.

From early days, the main responsibilities of the Parish Council included the provision of land for allotments and recreational facilities, neither of which existed at the time. Equally important in those early days was the need for the Parish Council to seek improvements by the Rural District Council in refuse collection, public footpaths, drainage and highways. 

In 1920, the first representations were made for the adoption of the Highway Act of 1833 for lighting the main road through the village. The Rural District Council were requested by the Parish Council in 1939, to apply to the Ministry of Health for an order enabling the Council to provide street lighting in Hildenborough. However, the Second World War intervened and so it was not until after it ended that lighting was gradually installed. In 1961, fifty six lamps (colour-corrected mercury lanterns) on tall, slender, concrete standards were erected along the main road. During the 1990s all the urban roads in the village were lit to County standards and the lights adopted by the County, although a number of lights at rural cross-roads and the lights from the Station to the War Memorial remain the responsibility of the Parish.

In 1948, a special meeting was called to consider the application by Tonbridge Urban District Council to the Local Government Boundary Commission for the Parish of Hildenborough to be transferred from the Rural District Council to the Urban District Council, Parishioners voted for no change.

In May, 1954, the parish boundaries were revised and the 400-500 houses from Leigh Road to Hilden Manor and from the Green Rabbit to the Tonbridge boundary were brought into the parish. The ecclesiastical boundaries now correspond to the civil boundaries with some exceptions e.g. Horns Lodge and Cataract Cottage, which are in Hildenborough civil parish but in Shipbourne ecclesiastical parish.

Parish Council Chairmen

1894 1907 C. Fitch Kemp 

1907 1938 G.W. Johnson 

1938 1946 F. Burton 

1946 1950 Rev. E.W.E. Fraser 

1950 (part) Sir Thomas Butler 

1950 1955 A. Oakley 

1955 1961 E.A. Woodhams 

1961 1965 C.E. Clarke 

1965 1981 P.H. Toy 1965 

1981 1990 D.E. Williams 

1990 1993 Mrs M. Starkey 

1993 1995 D.E. Williams 

1995 1998 C. Smith 

1998 2001 B. Winter 

2001 2006 D.Ells 

2006 to date T. Barton

Parish Council Clerks

1894 1907 G. W. Johnson 

1907 1913 C. Morris 

1913 1917 S.U. Lawson 

1917 1921 R.F. Hodder 

1921 1923 F. Bampton 

1923 1929 E.B. Budding 

1929 1964 F.G. Balcombe 

1964 1965 G. Coles/H.J. Reid 

1965 1972 R. DeAth 

1972 1993 R.J. Pryke 

1993 2001 Mrs M. Flynn 

2001 2006 Mrs S Blackmore 

2006 to date Mrs P Gow